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Welcome to the online version of the Stock Issuers Guide, where you can find information about the Colombian Stock Exchange Equity Issuers.

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IR Recognition: Considering the relevance of having sufficient and timely information, when making investment decisions and with the aim of making Colombia a more attractive market for investment, the Colombian Stock Exchange bvc promotes among issuers the adoption of best practices regarding disclosure of information and investor relations.
Important information: The IR Recognition granted by the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia S.A. is not a certification of the quality of the registered securities or the solvency of the issuer. Likewise, it does not imply a certification on the quality and veracity of the content, it only denotes a verification on the existence of the information on the issuer's website.
Colombian Securities Exchange bvc assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracy, errors, omissions or statements contained herein nor for the consequences of use of such information. The figures in this document are public information; they have been obtained directly from the issuers. The bvc advises that this document is intended among entrepreneurs, consultants, investors and national and international market participants as a briefing and only for informative purposes; therefore it cannot be understood as an investment strategy or recommendation. In no event will the bvc be liable for damages resulting from the use or reliance upon this information and data. The bvc warns that the official language of this document and its contents were written in Spanish, given this, any question, interpretation or clarification arising from any content of this document that has been translated into English, may only be elucidated by consulting the text in Spanish. The listing of securities on the bvc does not imply any certification, qualification, guarantee or liability of the bvc related to the price, integrity, value or marketability of the respective security nor the solvency of the issuer.